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Jean-Baptiste Verguin lives and works in Paris.

After first obtaining a degree in Fine Metals and Applied Arts from “Ecole Boulle”, he continued pursuing his studies, landing, in 1996, a diploma in Scenography from the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre”, in Paris. His career, with the understanding and knowledge that the theater is both the historical ground and foundation of his life’s work, bears witness to his determination to explore and exploit all facets of set design, to redefine the givens of the field. He is, foremost, in active collaboration with numerous set designers and troupes involved in those arts as varied as dance, theatre, and opera. For six years, and while he was project head for the studio Finalement, he created a series of operations for a variety of events and expositions, both in the private as well as the public sector. Since 2004, he has concentrated more and more on working as an independent, freelance agent.

By its very nature, this type of work is fleeting. For what is so particular about the ephemeral is the fact that its meaning is really understood only at the very moment of its creation, in the context of a particular time and place, and in the presence of an audience. To try to describe what has happened after the fact is often sketchy, at best. Still, we have attempted to translate the spirit of each of the projects that follow; to extract, by means of a simple gallery of photographs, their aesthetic and poetic values. What is presented, on this site, are projects basically revolving around the world of fashion.


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